5 Best Free Graphic Design Software 2016

In internet, you will find lots of graphic design programs, but not all of them are free. You need to pay money to get the graphic design software. But thanks to free graphic design software, you no need to buy anything to use it.

As we know there are lots of graphic designer who design lots of thing and visuals, so sometime it becomes quite important to have the graphic design programs. As we know Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and powerful graphic design software which make designer work comfortable. So here we are listing out some of the best free graphic design software 2016.

Here shared many free graphic design software are also be considered as the Photoshop alternatives. Our team have found the best free graphic design software list which will definetly helps you in creating stunning visuals. The list having the free graphic design software works online as well as you can install it in your PC i.e. windows, mac, linux and as well as in your smartphone and mobile devices i.e. ios, android, blakberry, windows etc.

5 Free Graphic Design Software 2016

best free graphic design software free download

SVG-Edit – Vector Graphic Design Software In Browser:

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which will helps you in reproducing your vector or drawings art programmatically. This scalable vector graphic designs software called as SVG-Edit.

SVG-Edit is one of the best free graphic design software 2016. The software works as per your need. This tool is built on CSS3, HTML5 & Javascript. This tool works as quickly and process 2D vector graphics. It is compatible with PNG, GIF, JPEG etc.

Inkscape – Windows, Linux, OS X Vector Graphic Editor

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to CorelDraw & Adobe Illustration then this InkScape free graphic design software to go with. This software is an open source editor having many powerful features.

The free graphic design software is also having SVG integration with some of the advanced features for printing as well as web designing. It is free graphic design software with easy to use interface.

The tool comes with lots of tutorials and work galleries as well as lots of helpful information to help you to get started with this best free graphic design software 2016.

Ultimate Paint – Window Image Manipulation Tool

Ultimate paint is one of the best free graphic design software, fully integrated with 32-bit windows operating system. It is the free graphic design program for image creation, manipulation and viewing. This tool’s latest version comes with some of the basic functionality which will helpful to use it without any limitation.

This ultimate paint tool encourages creative drawings with its flexible brush handling method. This tool supports GIF, PEG, BMP, PNG, AVI, PCX, TGA, ICO, IFF, LBM, BMP, WAP image formats and some of the twain compatible scanners.

Fat Paint – Best Page Creator And Free Graphic Design Software

It is one of the best web’s free graphic design software, logo maker and paint tool. This Fat Paint is free to use image editing software. It helps you to create logos, pages, vector illustrations, design product and edit photos online.

My Paint – Open Source Free Graphic Design Software For Windows Linux

My Paint is one of the best and powerful digital graphic design software which is less technical. This my pain graphic design software focus on art rather than any technical program of software management. It helps you to concentrate on canvas without any distractions.

You do not need to pay anything to create your favourite stunning graphic design software. All you have to do is find the best from above free graphic design software and get started with creating your imagination on canvas.

Above I have provided you some of the best free graphic design software 2016. So what are you waiting for? Just start downloading from above and enjoy this best collection of free graphic design software 2016.

How to Freshen Up your eCommerce Website

When it comes to Internet Marketing and Electronic Commerce, the competition is brutal. There are many huge eCommerce sites like Amazon which have already established an enormous community of customers, and because they are so popular, it is quite difficult to get your eCommerce website noticed. The effectiveness of online shopping cannot be questioned. More and more people are drawn to the simplicity of the buying process, the comfortable delivery and the possibility of browsing items without having to take a trip to the mall.


Customers and Competition

What the target audience wants is something they can easily understand, use and benefit from. The main things you should consider before setting up shop are the clients and the competition. On one hand clients might not understand what exactly it is they are looking for, which means that you have to predict their queries and offer something nobody else can offer. On the other hand, the constant battle for online supremacy has led tu constant struggles and optimization strategies.

Why it is Important to Tweak your eCommerce Site

I am positive that while your eCommerce site was in the making, you spent a huge amount of time tweaking every possible feature, in order to offer the very best experience of your business. But how long has it been since you last applied changes to your virtual shop? There are a few questions that you should ask yourself if you want to be successful. This is because internet marketing and commerce is a very dynamic domain, and if you do not stay up-to-date with recent developments, or if you refuse to constantly devise original strategies, you will risk losing customers. Every time you shut your eyes, one of your competitors might be taking advantage of a new opportunity. Your store is your most valuable asset, and as such you should keep it up and running. Here are a few tips that will increase your traffic, sales and online credibility.


1. Feature New Products

People are always on the look-out for the latest trends and items, but it is not enough to constantly update your stocks with awesome products. You have to let your followers know about them, because they probably don’t have the time or energy to browse your site everyday in hopes that you have added something. Organize your products in categories which feature the latest additions, and arrange your list according to the season. You can even go as far as creating a blog on which you let customers review their purchases.

2. Improve your SEO Techniques

Coherent SEO strategies are essential to the growth of your eCommerce shop, because they help you rank better on Google SERPs rankings, and this means a great source of organic traffic. Basic search engine optimization techniques are more than welcome if you want to level the play-field. For example you should definitely add relevant META tags, and short descriptions for each and every product. Moreover, you should conduct an extensive keyword research before you start, because this will drive even more traffic to your page.

3. Create a Loyal Audience

3Everybody who is anybody in the internet world will tell you that there are more emotional buyers than rational ones. Moreover, even the best digital agency is aware of the benefits of building an online presence. Social networks are the perfect example that people all over the world wish to become part of some sort of community. In other words, you should use social media to slowly brand your business, and attract people. Share interesting things that are related to your niche, reach out to people, show them how your shop will benefit them and so on. You can even go as far as offering costumer service on Twitter or Facebook. Try to put yourself in the client’s place, and predict what he might want.

4. Keep it Simple

People aren’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff, unless they know it is worth it. Every time someone makes an investment, he will probably weigh the benefits and the drawbacks, and try to learn as much as he can about the product. I recommend that you preoccupy yourself with payment methods, delivery services, warranties, purchase process, product menu and the front page. You will want everything to look attractive, but keep it simple. Navigability and comfortable access will greatly increase your chances of selling.

5. Deals, Promotions and Freebies

If you want to win over them market, you should definitely be thinking of special offers and deals. Free shippings, discounts, special products and contests are likely to attract potential customers. Alluring promises and unique prices will entice the customer and make him spend more. A crowd favorite is free shipping, and this can easily be done without affecting your business. All you have to do is include an average shipping cost in your product price. Last but not least, it only takes a few seconds for a person to decide if he is or isn’t interested in a site. This is why you should feature your latest products in a place that is impossible to miss.

Why Visitors are not Converting?

Organic website traffic is important for every business website in the present day. If there is a good amount of traffic coming to your websites chances are that you will also witness more conversions and leads for your business.

Ideally more targeted traffic means more leads and business for your website however even after getting a considerable amount of traffic is not giving you enough conversions then in that case sadly, this your website’s fault . This infographic discusses some of the important reasons why people are visiting your website but bouncing back without converting.

If you are facing the similar problem here are some of the things that you can help you reduce bounce rate on your website and encourage the targeted traffic to perform desired actions on your website.

Website load time:


This can be one of the reasons why visitors are coming to your website but bouncing back without performing the desired actions. If you are an ecommerce website you will probably see higher bounce and lower conversion rate as people don’t really want to wait for hours to buy a particular product especially when people have an alternate choice that saves their time.

Few of the major reasons why page load time increases is because of the bad code, in-page CSS, Java Scripts in the header and more, the idea is to reduce the page load time by verifying the code according to the W3C standards, call CSS from the external file and add JS in the bottom of the page. Also, try not to add images that have the size of more than 1000KB.

This will reduce the page load time and visitors will continue their journey on the website without any hassle.

Pop up ads:


Pop up ads are another reason why people enter the website and exit right away without performing the desired actions. Pop up ads might not kill your search engine ranking positions but would defiantly hurt users’ experience. Visitors usually get frustrated and leave the website within the first minute of their journey.

In order to make your website visitors happy, ideally you should avoid the pop up ads but if this is not really possible then in that case here are the following things you could do!

  1. Always ask visitor’s permission before the ad show up on the screen, this will make them feel comfortable.
  2. Do not use pop up images on each and every page!
  3. Try to be more sophisticated with your ads instead of adding all the junk ads that disturb users to perform certain actions on the website.

These ideas, if implemented can really help you reduce down the bounce rate of your website.

Poor Usability and Layout:


If you have zero usability or your design layout is not human friendly then it is very safe to say that your bounce rate is quite high as compared to your competitors. When visitors come to the website what mainly encourage them is a better usability and attractive design but if you are missing these essential elements then you probably know what to do next!

It is fundamental to have a layout that is friendly to visitors so that they can find everything on the website within 2 to 3 clicks. Your desired goals should be prominent and your content should encourage users to take the next step. Overall your usability should be strong enough to help visitors continue their journey on the website.

Good design and better usability can actually help you decrease your bounce rate to a greater extent.

Dead Links:


Dead links on a website will not only hurt the user experience but can also hurt your search engine positions against the desired key phrases. When visitors on the website click on some link and receive a 404 message they probably try to switch the website instead of finding out the real reason of that 404 page by going back!

The idea is to kill all the dead links and make sure each link on your website is taking you to the right page. This will help visitors to continue their visit on the website and at the same time this will dramatically decrease your bounce rate and you will see better Avg. Time on site.

Reducing bounce rate have a direct impact on leads and conversions for the business so it is safe to say that actions if taken vigilantly can improve your overall lead and conversion ratio.

How to Make the Products Selling Effective on the Internet

There is barely a shop owner who does not seem willing to join the online marketplace by putting his products on sale. Internet selling in other words in defined as the strong urge to make money online. Merchants might be fascinated with the idea of making a web presence but they are supposed to keep it in mind that earning money from the net is as hard as it is from a physical store. Here, they need to take care of two aspects emotions and money. It is because; traders have to assure customers to offer good products without a negative impact on their finances.


How to Make the Selling Process Work? It is all about finding right goods for sale!

In order to determine the success of this process, you need to find out that which product range will you sell worldwide? You can choose either tangible products including (clothes, digital goods, craft material and food items) or intangible products like (computer programs, eBooks and web content).

Essentiality of Building an Online Store:


Without an influential store, no customer is going to buy from you. For this purpose, it is suggested to appoint a web designer or a team who also has professional graphic designers. The importance of quality graphics, graphs, videos and charts is high on the web as internet is considered a risky shopping platform and these are some factors that convince the shoppers. It is certainly not enough to create an appealing store until it is incorporated with:

  • Different payment gateways for the convenience of the customers
  • Make the store quick loading to stop customers from losing their interest (Google Analytics can be used to monitor the site speed)

What Should an Online Shop Contain to Make the Sale System Robust?


People who are running an online business must ensure that every product page on the shop must have its own page. Only designing a page cannot determine the boosting sale until these pages do not have each product’s description. If users’ reviews are added to these pages then these will not only make the product more reliable for customers but also add unique content to the site. Besides it, you can also try these steps:

  • Integrate a search monitoring system so that you can track what customers are looking for. By doing so you can find out the demand of the goods and it becomes possible for you to add those products.
  • Starting a blog that discuss about the product range, offers, discounts and products those are soon to be added would also be beneficial for you.

Become Customer of your Own Site:

Analyze your website from the customers’ perspective and conclude that would you like to buy products from your store if you are at shoppers place. Therefore, it is your responsibility to design your store in a way that buyers can clearly trace the signs of credibility when browsing the shop. To win the confidence of the customers, you should add a telephone number and mention the working hours of this contact number. This tactic is about to support you as people feel more convinced by talking instead of the text on the webpages.

Web Store VS Availing Traffic:

Your top priority must be building a reliable store afterwards you should start worrying about traffic. On the web, people do not look for you but they search for a credible shop, relevant information, required products and convincing price. For the sake of striking a balance between every aspect you should follow these points:

  • There must be unique CONTENT that can grab immediate attention of the visitors.
  • Your logical and theme-based content brings higher ranking in major search engines that help you attain desired TRAFFIC.
  • Now, your business is open to MONETIZING as you are able to convert your visitors into customers to earn revenue.

Regular Updating in the Website:

No one likes stale food and outdated fashion so they are not likely to appreciate old information and product descriptions in your store. Therefore, you need to try fresh sale tricks, come with up-to-date information and make store sale attractive.

On a Final Note:

These were some guidelines those were discussed to make your online selling effective as well as advantageous on the net. Thus, you are few steps away from making money from the internet.

Who Is Ready To Spend Time On PR Stuff?

A successful brand is not built over a day, it is made over years of hard work; a strategic creative process positioning your company, projecting your personality in the minds of a wide range of audience. In the current scenario where people are overly exposed to messages, there is a great role for PR to earn a positive perception for your business. Your message should collide with the right media and target audience in order to get the best results. If your message appears relevant and it has something to offer for the audience then there is a great chance for it to get noticed. Hiring a pr firm will always exceed results very much compared to going for an in-house team. But when you do hire one, always look to tie yourself with a pr firm affiliated with professional bodies as PRCA, ensures the industry’s best practices in play as well expertise.


From your end, you need to research more about different strategies to get the desired results. Closely analyze the current market trends and assume if it can take you further. Positioning, execution and communication plays a great part in fulfilling your objective. Harness the full potential of your various in-house teams with bespoke training, not just greater output, but polished skills is what that is needed.

  • Define Your Audience And Make Your Message Unique

You need to define your audience properly. Give more importance to demographic segmentation. By doing so, you will be able to hit the right spot and that’s what any brand looks forward with. Your message will be fixed in the hearts of your target audience. Also find out what they need, before colliding them with messages. There is a chance for your brand identity to be left unnoticed if it’s not unique. Always ask yourself if you will be interested to read an article in a publication if it’s not about your company. Put yourself by the shoes of your potential customers and that’s how you find the best way to stand out from the crowd.

  • Addressing The Needs And Making Use Of The Apt Media To Propagate The Message

PR should be able to shape opinions, change perceptions and persuasive for the target audience to take action. You need to address the needs of your audience by understanding what information they need. You can put forward your message through multiple media. Make sure that it’s framed in such a way that you get extra mileage everywhere. For instance if you are making a press release, make sure that you can get the best out of it by taking the contents of it and publishing it in web space, newspapers etc.

You can make use of all media to propagate your message right from social media to personal blogs. You need to have a correct understanding of the media, their positioning and the content that they deliver. For instance positive placement of stories about a brand in an editorial media, sustained over a period of time, is a great way to build a brand. Always use SEO rich content so that it gives assistance for your audience as fast as you can when they browse in the web.

  • Emphasis On Two Way Communication

You need to make sure that you are giving more emphasis to two way communication so that you are giving a chance for the audience to give the correct feedback about the brand experience. You need to be open minded to receive the feedback and work hard to correct all the flaws and give an improved experience for your customers next time. Feedback has a significant part to play in PR process, because only then you will know how far your messages have reached and if they are finding it worthy. You can go for email marketing, look for suggestions from people and utilize it next time to make it better.

If you are successfully executing all your PR plans then you can definitely create a unique identity in the minds of the public and convert them into your loyal customers, but most importantly the kind of reputation that lets your brand stay unchallenged even at the times of crisis.